Industrial Kota Stone Flooring

Owing to the technologically and advanced manufacturing unit we are able to offer a gamut of Heavy Duty Industrial Tiles. The offered range is extensively used in different industries, where heavy trolleys and forklifts are used. Excellent compressive strength which is above 98N /mm2, these products are widely appreciated by the customers. These products are applicable for the use in heavy traffic areas such as railway stations, air ports, malls, fast food restaurants. It’s preferred in yarn factory, tea factories, laboratories, drug and alcohol factories.


Advantages of Industrial Kota Stone Flooring

  • KotaStone is hard, non-porous and a homogeneous material which makes it best choice for Industry or commercial flooring.
  • Kotastone Industrial FlooringKotaStone is not water absorbent and is anti-slip hence is the most perfect and hygienic flooring for humid areas.
  • KotaStone is very strong and long lasting.
  • KotaStone can be polished again if a fresh appearance is desired.
  • KotaStone is resistant enough to fit to any climatic conditions – dry, humid or cold.
  • KotaStone is economical, easily available and most durable natural stone available.
  • KotaStone is a very good reflector of heat making it comfortable to walk on.
  • KotaStone is available in slabs and tiles form and extremely cost effective for industrial use.
  • KotaStone is very cost effective and easily available and most durable natural stone available.


Customized ready to fit packed calibrated KOTASTONE TILES for industrial purposes.

  • IMG_8425 copyCalibrated (all tiles will be in same thickness as per demand)
  • Polished as per your need (mirror polished, fine polish ,semi polished ,honned , simple grind to keep surface anti skid)
  • Completely rectangular cut and packed in boxes .You can fit it like ceramic tiles and no polish needed after fitting.
  • We can give FOR rates also.
  • Helps you to complete projects in time.

It is most preferred because of its heavy duty so used at railway station, airports where heavy crowd passes.Its only drawback was its time consuming and laborious fitting and polishing process which delays the projects and lack of competent karigar couldn’t give proper fitting.

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